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new_day_today's Journal

Addiction Survivors
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Even you can escape addiction.
Our journal is for people who have been struggling with an addiction for long enough and are trying to find help to recover. It can be hard finding enough of the right kind of support -- support groups that aren't an hour and a half away, friends who have never gone through an addiction, or communities and forums where the members aren't active enough to give any kind of comfort. Here in New_Day_Today, we hope that we can be different. We are trying to recruit more people than any other recovery group ever has.

With this goal in mind, we have turned what we had originally planned to be an Eating Disorder Recovery group into an all-addictions recovery group. Our theory is that even though our addictions are different, we are all affected by the pull to return to our self-destructive behavior. If you're recovering from a prescription pill addiction, you can still relate to someone who's recovering from bulemia, who can, in turn, relate to the recovering alcoholic because we all have the same major hurdle of rebuilding our lives around a healthier creed.

New_Day_Today's aims are:
-To support each other with praise and encouragement toward recovery
-To offer sound advice
-To learn how to make and stick to healthy and productive goals
-To forgive ourselves for times we may slip
-To adopt a healthier attitude toward life
-To adopt skills for a healthy lifestyle
-To feel that we are safe from judgement

And essentially...

To become happy with ourselves, our bodies, and our lives.

Anyone is welcome.

Everyone can do this.